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Luculent is dedicated in intelligent plants for many years and it owns the intelligent plant technology platform with the independent intellectual property right and the real-time database technology researched and developed independently as well as other relevant technologies and capabilities. Luculent takes integration design for each step such as operation, production, safe environment, quality, supply chain and marketing in combination of the company demands and provides the complete intelligent plant solution to construct a individualized factory featured with high efficiency, energy saving, green, environmental protection and comfort.

1. Real-time control boosts transparent production process and enhances production communication and coordination in addition to lean management.

Through overall summarization, statistics, analyses and display of real-time production data, it provides digital, real-time and transparent management over the production process, reflects the actual operation and tendencies of production and equipment in an overall, visual and convenient way and enhances production communication and coordination as well as lean production management.

Value elaboration:

Establish uniform, efficient and suitable centralized deployment – the multilevel application and operation supervision platform and the production operation data center;

Get information interconnection of production indicators, real-time monitor the production process and trace the historic event;

Construct the plant operation equipment model platform and fulfill the dynamic digital management of production and equipment;;

Provide mobile linkage and real-time view production data at any place;

2. Based on real-time interaction and feedback of orders or production resources, establish the flexible production system.

With interaction of MES and ERP systems, it can dynamically analyze and feedback information and establish the operation-production linkage system to get perfect transformation from sales orders to production plans; it uniformly deploys and implements production resources; it not only flexibly arranges production but also effectively betters the production efficiency in addition to efficient communication and coordination.

Value elaboration:

Carry out dynamic and flexible schedules for the production plans and better the plan accuracy and the change adjustment capability;

Predict the production trend and effectively eliminate the production bottlenecks and restraints;

Based on linkage and intercommunication of production information, realize efficient coordinated production and better the production work efficiency;

Optimize and better the supply chain management, better the rapid market response capability and reduce the company inventory as well as overstocked fund;


3. With the overall energy monitoring, analyzing and improvement system, constantly optimize the energy utilization efficiency.

Taking the scientific energy management system as the core, the solution constructs the overall framework of energy control and provides the PDCA closed-loop optimized management process of the company energy. It uses the automation and information technology to take centralized flat dynamic monitoring and digital management at each step of the company energy system and improve and optimize the energy use effects for energy saving and consumption reduction management in the company.

Value elaboration:

Control energy in a real-time, visual and transparent way;

Real-time analyze and exhibit the energy utilization efficiency at each step and statistically analyze the actual energy use conditions;

Establish the energy data model and the expert base, real-time warn the user of failure, timely discover the energy use problem and constantly optimize the energy utilization efficiency;

Establish the energy improvement management system at the five levels of “company – department – procedure – team - post” and constantly optimize and better the energy utilization;


4. Perfect cost management system to control and analyze costs for constant optimization and improvement

Establish the process-oriented cost management accounting system highlighting settlement in batches, acquire and statistically analyze data during the production process, real-time control and warn of the production cost changes, constantly optimize and better the cost by use of the cost control system.

Value elaboration:

Enhance overall budget management and better the company expense planning and management capabilities;

Establish the four-level cost amortization model, establish overall indicator system, statistically compare and analyze costs;

Establish the cost prediction model optimized constantly, have an insight in cost management and reasonably control the cost;

Link the abnormal change to the process management to the cost results and shape the quantitative, dynamic and real-time cost change analysis.


5. Through the multi-agent analysis and control in the production process, better the product quality reliability.

Provide the full-process closed-loop quality control system, construct the quality record, control, traceability, analyzing, constant optimization and perfection management system and give the all-aspect quality control capability to meet the quality demands for manufacturer hi-speed development.

Value elaboration:

Realize full coverage of the company quality management network and ensure the full-process production quality controllable, controlled and under control;

Warn and predict the quality management and shift from the post-event quality management to the pre-event prevention;

Establish the rapid response system for quality events and avoid occurrence and expansion of quality events;

Provide complete quality data management and accumulation and realize the full-process quality analysis traceability and historic replay;

Establish the big data model of quality management, provide data analysis statistics and resolve the quality control bottlenecks for sustainable improvement;


6. Life-cycle equipment management to ensure safety, stability and long-term operation of production equipment

It takes the equipment ledger as the basis, worksheet submission, approval and evaluation as the main line, better repair efficiency and overall maintenance cost reduction as the goals, provides the maintenance and servicing modes such as fault repair, planned maintenance and status repair, and integrates the coordinated applications such as material, budget, project and financial management for the life-cycle equipment management to support constant optimization of equipment management.

Value elaboration:

Fulfill reliable, stable and long-term equipment operation as well as equipment appreciation and value maintenance;

Provide all-dimension lean equipment control and leading cost strategies;

Establish the systematic maintenance and repair strategies, realize safe and economic repair and ensure the equipment assets controllable and under control;

Integrate the PDCA closed-loop management conception and constantly improve and optimize the company equipment management.


7. Full-process material management to track the whole process and timely material supply in addition to efficient coordination.

From the aspect of the supply chain, establish the perfect material management system, organically combine many steps such as material control and planning, procurement and inventory, and ensure timely supply of production materials and track and statistically analyze the whole process of material use and consumption for the purposes of failure pre-warning and alarming of production materials.

Value elaboration:

Establish the perfect coordination mode and provide efficient coordination of materials at many steps to ensure suitable material supply;

Correlate the full-process material traceability with data to accurately evaluate or effectively manage the suppliers and the supplies;

Effectively better the material information circulation efficiency, reduce the staff labor strength and save labor cost;

Realize the optimal inventory quantity and reduce the overstocked circulating funds in the company;

Use the material failure alarm and the trend statistics to timely discover problems and failures during the production;


8. It establishes the HSE-oriented risk control system to assist the companies in safe, stable and efficient production.

It assists the companies in establishing HSE-oriented management supervision system including risk control and environmental protection, fulfills safety responsibilities and takes risk management as the core and safety technology as the measures to innovate HSE information management measures and better the overall HSE management level for safe, stable and efficient company production.

Value elaboration:

It fully covers HSE management elements and ensures safe and stable production process;

Through integration of the software and hardware systems, it can fully summarize and effectively monitor all safetyor environmental protection data on the platform;

It integrates and designs the safety and environmental protection management as well as the staff ledger to control the data intercommunication at the steps of staff resources, relevant training, event responsibility, performance evaluation and occupational health, effectively control safety and environmental protection, and constantly improve its orientation;

Through statistical analyses of the relevant data, it not only warns and alerts the user of the relevant problems in advance but also betters the company safety and environmental protection risk control capability;

With the mobile internet and other technologies, it can provide the functions of mobile office and field management for safety and environmental protection.