Electric powerSolutions

The electric power industry is an important component of the national economy and it covers many production modes of thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, biomass, solar energy power etc. with the features of equipment assets in great amount, many varieties and high automation degree, so it is a process type intensive asset industry, with high requirements of equipment safety, reliability and availability.

The electric power industry early kicked off information construction and the relevant information systems (OA, EAM, SIS and other systems) have been mature for application and covered many production and operation aspects such as production, operation, maintenance and sales. However, “the information islands” phenomenon remains severe due to heterogeneous systems and unsmooth connection, leading to inconvenient communication and improper resource sharing. The information construction of the electric power companies is developing towards group control and intensive management and it highlights effective integration and management of information resources to a larger extent and betters the comprehensive competitiveness of the group companies.

Luculent provides the overall information solution in accordance with the electric power industry features and prepares the information solutions special for the industry segment depending on the business modes and features of the electric power industry segments. For all functional units, functional divisions, power plants and divisions in a group, it supports the integrated applications such as planned budget, engineering project, asset management, production management, fuel control, material procurement and supply, cost control, HR management and group financial management to better the production efficiency, provide lean operation management, save energy and reduce emission, so it not only enhances the overall management level but also optimizes the industrial chain in order to better the overall core competitiveness and market adaptability of the company.