Engineering constructionSolutions

As an intensive process industry operates highlighting engineering construction, technical reform, overhaul and production as its feature and the engineering construction, technical reform and overhaul are all carried out in the project management mode, the intensive management over the engineering projects is crucial to the intensive process industry. The management level of the engineering project directly affects the quality level, investment costs and operation efficiency of assets, while such engineering project management is the key component in the life-cycle asset management.

Luculent engineering project management solution is aimed at the demands for the project management in the intensive process group and it takes the value chain as its core to fulfill the project management over system, contact, planned schedule, materials and funds; meanwhile, scientific and advanced project management conception is used for overall management and control over funds, schedule, contract, construction process, quality and safety, so the solution can provide integration and efficient coordination management over all business components including plan, contract, schedule, procurement and fund in the project to effectively control the project costs, manage the overall project resources and better the project management level as well as the decision and analyzing capability.


II. Scheme features

1. The uniform portal with multiple views to integrate various applications and data resources of the company and provide decision supports.

2. The trans-system process deployment to support the company operation mode with business process as its core.

3. Applications are interconnected to eliminate information isolated islands.

4. The loose coupling between the company applications to ensure the applications not affecting each other and easy to maintain.

5. The uniform data model sharing to ensure accurate data and high instantaneity.

For hi-level management staff: master the project health status and aid decision making.

For middle-level management staff: analyze the project implementation and real-time monitor projects.

For the project implementation layer: provide the coordination platform and better the work efficiency.