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1、  Industrial advantage
Luculent has rooted in the intensive property industry for over ten years and accumulates experience with deep comprehension at the aspects of development trend, management conception and system, core value chain, performance management, economic operation, knowledge management of this industry, and such experience and knowledge are what the group and its subordinate units need most in the intensive property industry.

2、  Project advantage
In the group of clients, Luculent has many consultancy project clients from the power generation groups, including State Power Investment Yunnan International, State Power Investment Guizhou Jinyuan, State Power Investment Northeast Company, State Power Investment Jidian Corporation, State Power Investment Zunyi Company, State Power Investment Shanghai Electric Power, State Power Investment South Branch, State Grid Yunnan Branch, State Grid New Energy Company etc.; the software clients at the power plant level spread all over the five major central power generation groups and others at the provincial level with the total number of over 100 power companies; therefore, Luculent accumulates rich experience at information implementation consultancy and application software implementation.

3、  Software advantage
Luculent is the constructer and planner of the information project, while combination of these two roles leads to incomparable competition advantages of Luculent which plans and develops the software; so Luculent clearly knows the user’s demands and their thoughts and Luculent information consultancy plan is quite compliant with the information planning requirements of an intensive property group.


 1、  Content description
The information planning consultancy project are carried out at the 13 aspects of electric power group strategy comprehension, survey and analysis on current status of business management, survey and analysis on current information status, information demand analysis, information construction goal analysis, information system structure planning, basic network planning, data center machine room planning, network and information safety planning, information management system planning, implementation plan design, information application training plan design and plan evaluation, and applies the information planning methodology oriented to the company strategic business development, while such methodology is also the typical planning methodology designed in accordance with the global information development. The whole planning work is divided into six stages of startup, project survey, project diagnosis, project planning, implementation planning, plan handover and knowledge transfer, while luculent can provide the project implementation, guidance and supervision in the late stage of planning as required for the consultancy project; so the whole planning task creates two documents of project achievements: Information Planning Consultancy Project – Status Quo Survey Analysis and Evaluation Report and Information Planning Consultancy Project – Consultancy Planning Report.

 2、Comprehension of corporate strategies
The consultancy project will fully use the advanced development achievements of the energy groups at home and abroad and fully understand the development strategies of the group and its subordinate units to analyze and comprehend the operation and management features of the power generation group and definitely identify the management mode, so it can provide the basis for analyzing business and information demands.

 3、Survey and analysis on current business management
It surveys the groups in the industrial types and select one representative unit per industrial type, and then it surveys the primary and secondary business with the group headquarters; moreover, the survey modes include survey questionnaire, survey interview, data collection, meeting exchange and site visit. Under the premise that Luculent understands the development strategies and control modes of the power generation group, it can analyze and diagnose the aspects of production, operation, internal management etc. in the electric power group and its subordinate units and analyze the business management features based on the advanced practice of the similar enterprises at home and abroad to pinpoint the existing business management problems and propose the suggestions for improvement and optimization.

 4、Survey and analysis on current information status
The current information status survey is designed to identify the IT gap and prepare the reasonable IT planning, so it is possible to comprehend and analyze the existing IT environment and capability of the power generation group and such results are taken as the basis for preparing the IT strategy plans. And it surveys the current status of the group information development in all dimensions, including infrastructure, professional management system, information safety, information management system; and on such basis, it analyzes and evaluates the group information development capability and pinpoints the information development gap and problems based on the requirements of the group development strategy and the business management, in combination of the advanced practice of the similar enterprises at home and abroad.

 5、Analysis on information demands
It analyzes the relevant group information demands respectively from different industrial dimensions, organization level and professional dimension to effectively execute the strategies of the power generation group and provide the advanced information measures.

 6、Analysis on information construction goals
Based on the current status and demands of information, it proposes the long-term and short-term information development goals of the power generation group in combination of the advanced information practice and IT development trend of the similar companies at home and abroad.

 7、Information system structure planning     8、Basic network planning     9、Data center planning    10、Network and information safety planning    11、Information management system planning     12、Information implementation plan design

 13、Information application training plan design     14、Plan evaluation

I. Project organization structure
The project organization and implementation is a system project which requires close cooperation and interaction between the users and Luculent to ensure the project progress and quality. The project implementation is an interactive process, so the project success results from mutual efforts made by the users and Luculent.
The basic teams of the project organization structure are the leading, implementation and technical teams for the project. That is:

II. Implementation plan

Considering the actual situation of the project system engineering, it generally recommends the staged implementation method and the system implemented is also put into operation in stages. And each stage contains a series of tasks and resources to ensure successful system implementation.
1. Investigation and analysis on system demands
The investigation and analysis on the system demands include two phases: first it is the project preparation and startup phase wherein the main task is to establish the project organization, identify the project resources and the initial work plan; upon the startup, it is time to investigate and analyze the system demands and Luculent project implementation team will apply many modes such as questionnaires, exchange with the management staff and the workers design liaison convened and system function demonstration, while it mainly intends to understand business demands, current workflows, management methods and statements required, jointly identifies the work scope with the users, drafts and confirms the demand survey report.
2、 System specifications and plan design
The main content of this phase is to establish the detailed system specifications and implementation plan. In accordance with the demand investigation results, Luculent gives detailed work scope, process definition, training plan, resource use and detailed scheduling in the implementation plan, including tasks to be done and effects to be achieved in each step, and specifies the staged acceptance content. And it submits the implementation plan draft to the project decision-making committee, while this committee finally issues the implementation plan with Luculent.
The project decision-making committee must inspect and confirm the implementation plan feasibility. Adjustment is essential during the project implementation and the inspection and adjustment process is repeated constantly, but the implementation plan must be adjusted with the joint acknowledgement and approval of Luculent and the user.
3、 Customization and secondary development
Based on the information management system implementation and secondary development experience for years, Luculent believes that it can become the partners of the user for successful implementation of the project only if the user masters the overall system.
4、System management and application training
This task can be completed efficiently only if all staff of the user and the Luculent project implementation team actively cooperate with each other. In the project implementation plan, we will give a perfect implementation plan so that all staff from the hi-level management to the specific personnel can master the basic conceptions, main functions and skills of the project.
5、Installation commissioning and data loading
Installation commissioning and data loading are the most important content during the project implementation. The system installation content includes testing, training and actual operation environment constructed. And the testing environment is mainly used to test the secondary developed procedure and process for smoothness and the basic data for correctness, while it is required to take inspection and tests under the standards and afterwards submit the official test records for the user’s confirmation; the training environment is used to train the end users in addition to the user’s self-study; the procedures and the basic data can be input in the actual operation environment upon error-free testing and get ready for final online. And the system installation and the data loading are carried out by modules in steps, in general the basic functional modules are first implemented and then the other functions.
6、Trial run
All procedures and basic data pass the tests in the system and the end users can start the actual operation environment for the overall system startup only after their training and module startup completed. Within one week from the system startup, the Luculent project implementation team will establish the consultancy center, while the Luculent implementation consultant and the project team are responsible for clarification, extra training and settlement of other possible problems.
7、Production and acceptance
Upon the trial run, start the software system acceptance. It is divided into three acceptance stages respectively for basic functions, all functions and completion of the system. And the main content is to check each module for normal operation, staff for training in place, module parameters for proper setting. For preparation of the test plans and reports, it is required to immediately deal with the problems if any discovered during the acceptance; and after the system normally runs for a week, the project decision commission will declare successful commissioning and acceptance completion.

I. Services free of charge

1.Hotline support services

Luculent provides the 24x7 service mode, that is, the service mode of 24 hours every day and 7 days per week. Dial the hotline (for free) 400 875 8735 to obtain technical supports.

2.E-mail and fax support services

The customer service center has its fax machine open for 24 hours per day and provides all routine consultancy services in the shortest time. The customer service center e-mail is: luculent@luculent.netwith the fax no.: 025-83300236.

3.Regular patrolling service

Luculent regularly dispatches its customer managers to the customers for the regular visit every two months. And such visits are intended to optimize the system operation environment and get theLiEMS product feedbacks and suggestions from the customers, so the visits can provide the demand sources for LiEMS upgrade to the next version and prepare properly for upgrade to the next system version.

II. Charged appreciation services

1.Software version upgrading services 

Luculent releases a new version of LiEMS products every year and it arranges the professional implementation team to upgrade the system and ensure complete and accurate historic data during the upgrade. 

Process description: 
Luculent will release the LiEMS product version and send the functions added and perfected of the LiEMS products in the fax or mail mode to the clients using LiEMS products. 
The clients can optionally upgrade LiEMS products according to the list of functions, while Luculent will provide two upgrade modes according to the difficulty degree of upgrading functions, wherein the first mode is the simple upgrade for which the customer information technician can directly upgrade the special package and conduct the use training. The second mode is that Luculent dispatches the professional construction team to the site for LiEMS product upgrade and training. 
After the LiEMS product is upgraded, it will take the inspection type tests and Luculent formally submits the relevant upgrade files to the customers and signs the LiEMS product upgrade report to complete the LiEMS product upgrade. 
Service conditions: 
If a customer signs the subsequent service contacts of LiEMS products with Luculent, the customer may get upgrade free of charge; and if a customer doesn’t sign the subsequent service contacts of LiEMS products with Luculent, Luculent will charge the customer for the LiEMS product upgrade according to the specific upgrade content and nature. 
Based on the version being used, the LiEMS products upgraded to the latest version may have different workloads. Therefore, we will evaluate the upgrade workload according to your version and modules and give you the reasonable upgrade price based on the evaluation results.

2.Required development services

During the product application, the demands may be inevitably added or changed, so Luculent will analyze, design, develop and upgrade the customer’s demands to provide better services for the LiEMS product customers and ensure sustainability and customer investment of LiEMS products.

Process description: 
The LiEMS product customer fills in the service application sheet from Luculent (directly download the sheet from the website) and sends it to the Luculent customer center. 
The Luculent customer center staff submits the required development application sheets to the technical team which will analyze, design and develop the product as required. 
Upon the required development, the results are fed back to the customers respectively in two modes according to the required upgrade difficulty degree, wherein first it directly submits the upgrade package to the customer information technician who carries out system upgrade and customer training; second, Luculent dispatches the professional implementation team to the field for system upgrade and customer training. 
Service conditions: 
We will survey the demands first in accordance with the customer’s demands and evaluate the corresponding workload in accordance the survey report content confirmed by the customer. 
If a customer signs the subsequent service contacts of LiEMS products with Luculent, Luculent will provide the required development within a certain workload free of charge in accordance with the service contract signed; and if a customer doesn’t sign the subsequent service contacts of LiEMS products with Luculent, Luculent will charge the customer for the required development of the LiEMS product according to the specific development content. 
If the required development exceeds the agreed workload free of charge and a large amount of required development is incurred by a change to the customer organization, Luculent will negotiate such development with the customer and properly require additional payment based on the existing LiEMS product subsequent service.

3.Product restoration services

Luculent will timely modify and upgrade the system bug within 24 hours if any discovered during the LiEMS product use. 

Process description: 
The LiEMS product customer fills in the service application sheet from Luculent (directly download the sheet from the website) and sends it to the Luculent customer center. 
The Luculent customer center staff submits the LiEMS product restoration application sheets to the technical team which will analyze and develop the product within 24 hours. 
Upon the LiEMS product restoration, it will submit an upgrade package to the customer information technician for the system upgrade.

4.System environment replacement service

As the customer may face changes to the product installation environment during the LiEMS product use, Luculent will dispatch its professional technicians to the site for the product environment replacement according to the application made by the customer using the LiEMS product and ensure complete and accurate historic data as well as the optimal environment upon the transplantation.  
Service conditions:
If a customer signs the subsequent service contacts of LiEMS products with Luculent, the customer will get the product environment replacement free of charge; and if a customer doesn’t sign the subsequent service contacts of LiEMS products with Luculent, Luculent will charge the customer for the product environment replacement labor consumed according to the product environment transplantation workload.

5.Remote commissioning support

Luculent provides the technical support mode of remote commissioning and the online technicians real-time, effectively resolve the problems.

Training service introduction

To meet the training demands of our customers, Luculent will regularly conduct all kinds of technical training and product function training to assist the customers in understanding the information construction development trend, better the information system application level and facilitate the stable development of the customer information construction. And Luculent will notify the customers using LiEMS products of the training courses in advance and the customers can dispatch their staff to such training courses. In addition, based on the customer’s training demands, we can start the special training class for the customer. For detailed training information, please see the relevant column and if the customer has any confusion, please call us for consultancy.
Service conditions:
If a customer signs the subsequent service contacts of LiEMS products with Luculent, the customer will get training free of charge; and if a customer doesn’t sign the subsequent service contacts of LiEMS products with Luculent, Luculent will charge the customer for such training according to the training course content. And the customer shall assume the expenses for transportation, accommodation etc.

2、Otherregistration modes

* Telephone registration: you can dial the service hotline  400-875-8735

* -mail registration: you can send the training demand to the Luculent service e-mail