Because of the large management cost at the construction site and professional management and coordination lag, it is difficult to deal with the current high standards and requirements on project management; under such background, Luculent promotes its “lean construction control” solution to this dilemma. It changes the conventional management mode with lean construction control and takes the professional construction control as orientation, engineering tasks as its source, implementation of engineering tasks and plans as the main line and improvement of specialized construction control level as its goal to make innovative reform at the aspects of construction reinforcement bar sheet, processing plan, steel structure, welding, distribution, construction log, quality, safety, engineering task etc. and integrate supervision and coordination into the system for the purpose of full-process control over the professional construction and specialized construction in order, so it can improve the professional construction control level and reduces the relevant cost to create a new efficient work mode for control over construction projects.

Construction Control System
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The lean construction control platform can takes improvement of corporate economic benefits as its goal, cost management as its core and construction process control as its basic support to control the whole process of such business as cost, steel structure, processing plan, reinforcement bar sheet, construction log, welding and construction document, so it not only meets the demands for lean management over the construction projects and betters the work efficiency, but also reduces the management cost and finally improves the corporate economic benefits.


Better the trans-organization coordination capability by mobile internet + construction

It fully utilizes the real-time and convenient features of the intelligent mobile terminals and developed the mobile construction office platform based on the mobile internet. And as this platform shortens the distance between the project construction team and the information system, the construction staff doesn’t have to coordinate and report their work with a computer, no longer restricted by their space-time and locations.

With mobile internet + construction, it actually integrates internal and external organizations into the same platform for the flat management over agencies and the optimal resource configuration to construct a flat trans-organization work circle and better the construction efficiency.

Track the machined pieces with the two-dimension code and better the management quality and efficiency

As the machined pieces contains information related to processing plans, such pieces and locations, the system track the whole process from warehouse input and output, confirmation received of finished goods by use of the two-dimension codes applied so that there are evidences for such machined pieces from machining to use; and it can improve the timeliness and accuracy of inventorying the machined pieces at the site.

The material signs visually exhibit the schematic diagram of the machined pieces in the graphic way so that the construction staff can visually look up information of the machined pieces; and featured with high usability and accessibility, it is possible to build the models of such machined pieces by use of the browser in a visual and dragging mode, so it can directly map the physical machined pieces to the numerical information in the information system.

Integrate resources and arrange production in turn

In compliance with the site schedule, the system arranges production for promotion to the actual dates required in the processing plan and reduces material wasted and backstage stock accumulated with the early warning sent automatically.

Distribute materials as required at the site and drop no materials on the ground

At the site, the system submits the distribution application sheets as required and the distribution division allocates the distribution application in accordance with the transportation capability to process and distribute the commodity as required, so no materials are piled up at the site and the system can reduce the management costs in the forestage, middle stage and backstage. 

Accurately calculate the construction costs through the task-cost correlation

Through correlation between construction tasks and cost subitems, it can dispatch and initiate the tasks, record and report the staff attendance or the material consumption every day and close the task, conduct acceptance and control settlement upon the task completion to support control over the whole business process and keep such tasks controllable, controlled or under control for the purpose of exact cost calculation.

1) Control over reinforcement bar sheets

Based on the library of the reinforcement bar schematic diagrams, the system instructs preparation of the reinforcement bar sheets and controls the whole process of production arrangement, processing, acceptance, code scanning and warehousing and settlement under the construction plans to take the lean process control over the reinforcement bar sheets and reduce the construction cost.

2) Control over processing plans

As it arranges production in accordance with the site construction schedule, the system controls the whole process of processing plan distribution, task generation and coordinated processing, acceptance, scanning and warehousing so as to improve the site processing control level.

3) Control over construction logs

Through correlation between construction tasks and cost subitems, it can dispatch and initiate the tasks, record and report the staff attendance or the material consumption every day and close the task, conduct acceptance and control settlement upon the task completion to support control over the whole business process and keep such tasks controllable, controlled or under control.

4) Distribution control

It controls the whole distribution process of distribution sheet preparation, scanning and warehouse output, transportation, unloading, scanning and reception and feedback as required at site to better the distribution capability and reduce the relevant cost.

5) Control over steel structure construction

With the engineering commission sheets as the source, the steel structure construction takes technical preparation and decomposes the tasks into the control objects so as to track the process of personnel, materials and machines every day and carry out the project quantity reporting and the closed-loop settlement management upon completion for the purposes of the lean management over steel structure and the construction control level improvement.

6) Welding control

It enhances the full-process welding management, betters the welding quality and ensures welding construction quality through control over quality plans, welding-related devices, materials, processes, inspection and testing, construction and welders. 

7) Quality safety management

It controls the acceptance application sheets, the acceptance sheet quality and the full-process safety to raise the levels of site construction quality and safety management.

China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Nuclear Huaxing) is affiliated to China Nuclear Industrial Construction Holding Ltd. directly under the Central Government and it is a famous building contractor and facilitator with profound historic significance and worldwide influence and one of the nuclear power construction leaders highly praised at home and abroad, so it boasts unique competitive advantages at the aspects of LNG, military and high building projects as well as regional planning and development. The company currently ranks 37 among the Top 100 Competitive Enterprises in Chinese building industry and 9 among the Top 100 Comprehensive Powerful Enterprises in the building industry of Jiangsu Province.

The lean construction control platform of the nuclear power project utilizes new technology and conceptions to assist the construction company of the nuclear industry in reducing the project control cost and bettering the relevant effects, so it can efficiently coordinate site control and ensure the project schedule and the construction quality, creating a new layout for the construction project control in the nuclear industry.