Taking PMBOK project control as its guideline, Luculent Design Institute Management System is a lean, digital, full-process and all-dimensional integrated management system for the design institute projects; and it takes the drawing design as its center and supports the coordinated design tools to create the uniform integrated work environment for design coordination; and based on the mature big data statistics and analyzing system, it runs through the full-process business for projects such as operation management, collaborative design, project management and finished goods control to standardize and share business data or information, improve the corporate core capability and support the design institute business transformation with the international market competitiveness improved. Therefore, this system is widely used in the fields of building materials, petrifaction, electric power, metallurgy and building etc.

Design Institute Management System
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Taking the collaborative design production and the design project control as its core, the system uses coordination conception, PDCA closed-loop management and big data analysis to control the whole process of products and services; and it utilizes the standard, automatic and intelligent management modes and exercises the process and digital management over such business as collaborative design, project management, contract operation control, EPC integrated control, scientific R&D control, human, finance and material control, comprehensive management to better the corporate project control level and the design efficiency, cultivate the innovative design culture, boost the business capability upgrading and boost the companies walking towards the international competition market.

The life-cycle design management system can take the lean design control with the exact and reliable collaborative design tools.

It includes design project control, collaborative design, CAD auxiliary design tool, design process control, finished design product control, indicator analysis management and scientific research project control. With the complete content, the system can provide lean control over various business items.

Design indicators and business can be used to provide data relationship management and support design projects, design quality, project schedule, design drawing data automatically transmitted to procurement control, further realizing electronic signature and total weight calculation etc.

Real-time, configurable indicator analyses to promote the system by authority and process

The statistic analyzing indicators come from the basic business procedure and automatically send statistic analyses made by process and authority to personnel, while the webpage layout of indicator analyses can be adjusted and configured through customization.

It strictly constructs the data relationship and shows the overall analysis results of operation, design production and project indicators.

Its standardized templates can be used by the staff to rapidly complete hi-quality design; its knowledge reuse not only betters the personnel design capability and technical knowledge application level but also enhances the organization innovation capability; it accumulates knowledge, evaluates the HR technology capability and specifies and applies the standard engineering design to better the knowledge application capability.

Perfect scientific project control system can realize full-range and full-process control over the scientific projects.

The system controls the whole process from the scientific R&D project establishment, review, schedule, output value and achievement records to the achievement reporting, reward and appraisal. Moreover, it supports online appraisal of multiple scientific projects to ensure its fairness and justice.

Perfect output value control system brings about fair, just performance evaluation and positive motivation for the design staff.

The output value management contains the full-process content such as output value ratio coefficient criterion, quota issuance, output value distribution and statistics. Moreover, the system issues design output value, special output value, project backup output value, scientific research project, branch output value so as to conduct comparative analyses on task achievements, task output value, staff workload and personnel output value for the employees’ gains and bonus evaluation as well as positive motivation.

1) It controls the collaborative design: to boost improvement of the corporate design level.

The uniform and integrated work platform can better the design efficiency of the professional staff;

The auxiliary design tools not only support the design collaboration but also reduce the design man-hour consumption;

The online annotation function can apply the comment information efficiently and exactly to improve review efficiency and quality;

It realizes the integrated application of the equipment and material sheet information in the design, procurement and construction management;


2) Life-cycle design control: it carries out the integrated control for projects.

It conducts the integrated exhibition of the full-process information related to projects and improves the quality and efficiency of management decisions;

It establishes the decomposed structure of the standard projects and standardizes the project content control;

It strictly plans the management norms and provides the lean schedule control;

It has the perfect reporting and automatic acquisition mechanisms to raise the schedule control level;


3) Innovative finished goods control: it can improve the knowledge and documentat application level.

Lean documentation control can keep information complete and exact and assist finished goods in digital transfer;

It takes the lean publication process and the diversified modes to reduce costs of publication control;

It uses automatic publication signature and paper measurement to better the publication quality and efficiency;

It standardizes and controls knowledge such as project documents, drawings and documents so as to better the knowledge application and learning efficiency;


4) Control over contract operation and output value distribution: reinforce the control strengths of expenses and funds.

Lean contract content control which can improve the stage expenses and control the contact management capability in items;

It can realize correlation among contracts, vouchers and amounts collected and payment to keep business information traceable;

Its indicators can exhibit and promote the contract operation data so as to visualize the achievements of the operation staff;

It not only enhances the output value quota and distribution control but also conducts lean control over the output value;


5) Closed-loop management of scientific research projects: it boosts new technology R&D, promotion and application.

Lean control over scientific control projects can boost the scientific research value and efficiency;

It scientifically standardizes management and enhances new technology application to boost transformation of achievements;


6) Comprehensive management and integrated control: it enhances application control and information value.

Improve the logistics supportability, perfect the talent cultivation system and better the comprehensive control efficiency;

Integrate business and data, closely control the data relationship and better the corporate business control capability;


7) All-dimension portal indicator system: it supports auxiliary decisions.

Establish the complete and scientific indicator system, better the information application and decision-aid capabilities;

Standard evaluation indicator system can boost the capability improvement of the staff;

Henan Province Electric Power Survey & Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as Henan Institute) is a Class A national super-large electric power investigation and design unit mainly engaged into survey, design, technical consultancy, general contracting and supervision related to large and medium electric power projects of power generation, transformation and transmission.

To actively, rapidly respond to the corporate strategies and the market competition in the design industry, the institute strongly boosts information construction, utilizes the software technology in combination of advanced management theories for process optimization and task motivation to provide accurate data for production, operation, management and decision making in time and further better its comprehensive competitiveness.

Henan Institute comprehensive information management system of design and production (HDMS) not only conforms to the conception of project integration, collaborative design and lean control but also establishes an integrated control platform for information sharing and work coordination so that all project theories are integrated into such platform, leading to design production, project control and operation management in a standard, real-time and efficient way; and supporting the strategic transformation of the company, this system boosts improvement of economic benefits and technical innovation capability for Henan Institute so that the company grows by strides.