Luculent Energy Management System (EMS) is a standard, lean and intelligent energy management information system based on the company energy management models and it is also an integrated corporate energy maintenance and management tool which integrates information, such as energy consumption, yield, production process, product quality, of different production procedures in the automatic information technology and centralized management modes; meanwhile, it takes the centralized, flat, dynamic monitoring and digital management over the four major sections including the corporate energy system procurement and storage, machining and conversion, transmission & distribution and construction & use so as to improve and optimize the energy balance and shape the integrated control system of systematic energy saving and consumption reduction. It's widely used in the fields of building materials, chemical industry, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, public building and parks.

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As the management conception takes the scientific energy management as its core, it constructs the overall framework based on such conception for the closed-loop optimization process; and in the automatic information technology and centralized management mode, the system can take the centralized, flat dynamic monitoring and the digital management over production, transmission, distribution and consumption of the corporate energy system to improve and optimize the energy balance. And the energy control mode is divided into four layers: perception – control – application - service. And the intensive management can boost standard, normative, systematic, digital and transparent corporate energy efficiency management.


1.Based on the modeling technology, it can rapidly manufacture hi-quality products.

As there is the energy consumption calculation and analyzing model related to electric power or coal consumption, the system can automatically calculate the energy consumption of equipment, procedure and production line based on the data acquired and recognize the optimal parameters under the current conditions to check compliance with the norms of the industrial system in combination of the expert knowledge base, so it is possible to obtain the energy consumption loss distribution, analyze the cause of high or low energy consumption and propose the optimization plan.

2.Establish the big data center of energy analyses and provide the scientific decision-aid capability.

As the site information is real-time stored in the real-time center database, establish a stable and reliable energy data center featured with high timeliness and performance in order to provide the comprehensive regulation and control for the production enterprises and give the powerful data supports to the optimization and balancing process.

The uniform standard is used to establish the digital company energy management model.

3.Establish the multi-level energy control mode

In the operation area (group), establish the standard management system of the energy indicators, realize the centralized monitoring and safe production in the operation area (group)/production base based on the production company energy control model and the energy data center, and provide the true, real-time decision-making information, such as energy consumption and unit consumption, in the subordinate production base for the operation area (group) leaders;

4.The visualized dynamic energy process monitoring and analyzing platform

It provides centralized monitoring, control and management over the various energy media of the company such as coal, electricity, oil, water and gas in the processes of procurement and storage, machining and conversion, transmission and distribution and terminal use, and changes the blind management to visual management to ensure safety and usability of energy media in each step.

1) System standardization: check energy for compliance to the norms, evaluate the system and constantly improve the energy management organization and the system assurance.

The standard energy management system to lay the foundation for energy application services;

The comparative analysis on the energy efficiency evaluation results to support the decisions made by the management layer;

Customization of the energy efficiency evaluation rules to expand the business scope;


2) Centralized lean management: the visualized monitoring platform is used to real-time control energy, simplify management and reduce costs.

The lean supervision over the energy consumption process to analyze the system status at any time;

The real-time change and historic tracking of the energy data trend to flexibly analyze the dynamic features;

Key energy consumption devices can carry out monitoring for comprehensive analyses;

It monitors the whole dynamic process of energy data;


3) Specialized and scientific management: the corporate energy efficiency analyzing and management platform can excavate and analyze the energy-related big data and such management can improve the corporate competitiveness in depth.

Visual energy management to conduct comprehensive analyses and assist the company in intelligent control;

Energy balance analysis to assist the user in understanding the corporate energy consumption status;

Energy prediction to assist the user in preparing reasonable energy plans and scientifically compare the energy plan with the energy performance;

Energy cost analysis to automatically extract the energy-related big data and real-time analyze the consumption cost;


4) Constant intelligent management: the energy efficiency optimization and management platform can track problem while the energy optimization runs though the whole process.

Energy efficiency diagnosis and evaluation for real-time energy efficiency status of the main energy consumption equipment;

For the devices with high energy consumption, the function of statistically analyzing alarms to effectively control the historic alarm information;

Intelligent analyses to provide the decision supports for failure solutions;


China United Cement Group Nanyang Branch is the core company under the Chinese  building material group cement business platform  - China United Cement Group Co., Ltd.and CUC Nanyang Branch is the listed member company of Chinese building mateirals. And the company insists on the conception of “properly utilizing resources and boosting construction” and highlights reasonable utilization of natural resources, taking contribution towards society as its mission and give environment-friendly products back to the society. Establishment of the corporate energy management center system is an important measure of energy saving and emission reduction for the building mateiral companies, while the system utilizes automation and information to obtain the production process parameters and the energy data to real-time provide the online energy system balance information and the decision adjustment plans through processing and analyses in combination of the production process evaluation, so it can ensure scientific, timely and reasonable balance adjustment of the energy system as well as stable and economic production and power systems, finally bettering the overall energy utilization efficiency.