To assist the building industry in understanding overall effects of “transition from business tax to value-added tax” on the companies and to validly master and utilize the relevant proper countermeasures, Luculent expert team carries out the special research on “business tax-VAT transition” in the building industry, reforms and constructs the system from the three aspects of VAT control platform, VAT core business system and accounting & tax calculation to propose the special solution of “business tax-VAT transition”. And it can validly assist the building industry in stable transition from business tax to VAT and effectively control the corporate taxation risk to reduce the tax burden and better the corporate management performance.

Business Tax-VAT Transition Product

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To assist the building industry in successfully facing the challenges and opportunities incurred by “the business tax-VAT transition”, Luculent proposes the special solution of “business tax-VAT transition” based on its engineering project control solution and uniformly controls the value-added tax information such as contract, material, fund, voucher and taxation depending on its strong LiEMS platform for stable transition from business tax to value-added tax in the building industry, so it can validly control the corporate taxation risks and improve the corporate management level as well as the market competitiveness.

1. It can integrate the four flows of contracts, materials, funds and vouchers into one to effectively avoid taxation risks;

2. It integrates the taxation system to automatically certificate invoices issued and received and effectively avoid invoice issuance risks;

3. It enhances tax burden monitoring and prevents the abnormal risks related to tax burden so as to avoid loss of tax amounts occupied;

4. It takes the integrated control of “business-finance-taxation” and automatically generates the VAT returns to improve the statement preparation efficiency and ensure the statement data quality;  

5. It verifies real-time, dynamic compliance to the norms in the VAT control process and assists the management level at each level in making the scientific decisions.

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