Production management system is the basis of modern factory information management for safe production, we establish the production management system and assist enterprises in fulfillment of business plans, construction of their production orders, deployment of production resources, assurance of safe production and realization of their production goals. The production management system of Luculent Smart Technologies Co,.Ltd is widely used in the heavy asset processing industries, such as power generation, chemical industry, iron ,steel and nonferrous metal to constantly improve the corporate level of intelligent plant production and better the enterprise management performances.

Luculent Smart Technologies Co,.Ltd develops the latest corporate smart production management system by use of its IoT, information and intelligent means in combination of its smart factory management and consultancy experience; the objects of such management system contain: processes, equipment, production division, shifts, personnel, production environment and other aspects and the system integrates many advanced safe production management theories and practice experience at home and abroad such as management theories of lifecycle, spot check and repair, intrinsic safety and lean production and utilizes the techniques of WIFI, GPS, UWB, intelligent lock, VR/AR , mobile terminal etc. to achieve 3D modeling, precise positioning and process simulation; in addition, the system presets the industrial knowledge base and model base accumulated in the company to realize the expert-level application such as early warning of the whole equipment faults, automatic learning and optimization of the system knowledge base and remote fault diagnosis.

Production Management System
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The production management system stays in the middle layer, linking downwards to the corporate device and process control system (DCS) and issuing the production orders to the control system, so as to collect the output information of the control system for constant information processing and dynamically evaluate the whole production process state, the production equipment and environment health state and the production operation process economic status for timely fulfillment measurement, summarization and distribution of the corporate production goals; meanwhile, the system can track, evaluate and review the corporate production process. The production management system provides supports upwards for the enterprise resource planning system (ERP), receives the ERP system plans and budgets and feeds back the actual production results and the goal or plan fulfillment etc. Moreover, it supports the management divisions and organizations at all levels such as those of corporate safety, operation, maintenance, production technology management etc.; and for the production management system, its business modules include: production equipment management, production operation control, safety control, production technology management, team management etc.


Management and control integration (integration of management and control systems)

(1) It integrates the process monitoring and production management interfaces into a technical platform; and it solves the problem that the conventional production management system and the monitoring interfaces separately belong to two systems;

(2) it can track the equipment status based on the data of the bottom layer control system; for example, the rated hours of continuous operation is set to start a maintenance task; or if the device temperature exceeds a certain critical value, it starts a smart alarm and an exception check etc.;

(3) it smartly pinpoint the optimal status depending on all input parameters of production environment so as to search for the optimal production scheme of the current conditions in the historical base. 

Closed loop management with traces retained

The whole production management system is designed on the basis of the business process for the purposes of closed-loop lean management; every operation in the system and every state change are connected in series according to the business process and recorded to support the data review of the past production procedure under the process. For example: for an equipment defect incurred during production, the processing flow is shown in the following diagram.


Intelligent protection and intrinsic safety

It integrates the plant video monitoring, access control, perimeter and fire systems and takes every production task implemented at site under the intelligent protection control system with 3D modeling, IoT, precise positioning and other technology in addition to the intelligent equipment such as intelligent lock, biological characteristic-based access authorization; and it can eliminate the unsafe behavior of the personnel, track the equipment reliability and identify the safety areas so as to create a safe environment under hi-level intelligent control.

Flexible deployment and multi-level control

The safe production management system can realize flexible deployment according to the corporate network link and its management demands; it can meet the management demands at different levels on the basis of authority classification; for example, the group safe production management center, the regional safety monitoring center and the smart plant share one safe production management system; and the group prepares the safe production norms, the regional company takes charge of monitoring and the plant provides feedback under the norms. 

Knowledge reuse and value creation

Luculent Smart Corporation continually studies, summarizes and extracts a knowledge base of production management experts shaped during the safe production management consultancy and information service practice for nearly twenty years; and such base is preset in each management module of the safe production management system so that the daily production work becomes smarter at the factory.

1) It can assist enterprises in establishing complete equipment ledger information.

It applies the national standards and norms for equipment coding, combines the corporate processes and realizes the systematic, scientific coding labels for the devices at the factory.

It categorizes and controls the devices based on their asset value and production importance; the management strategies provided vary with the equipment levels; and it reduces the daily maintenance cost and betters the routine operation and maintenance level of the devices.

It conducts intelligent analyses for devices, evaluate safety, economic value and reliability of such devices; and it supports the decisions made by the equipment management staff.

2) It helps the enterprises improve their production and operation standardization level.

Provide the shift scheduling and changeover management, keep the basic production orders and record the production process traces at the same time.

he system can automatically deploy the regular tasks and arrange the production and fix standard work guidance and quality acceptance norms so as to constantly optimize the whole process including planning, implementation, deviation, summarization and analyses of routine production operation.

Automatically collect data from the control system, track and analyze the quality of each shift, process, device and operation; meanwhile, automatically conduct statistics and analyze the corresponding labels. Recognize the opportunities of cost reduction and performance improvement so as to constantly better the efficiency.

3) It can help enterprises construct an environment for safe production.

The system constructs a safety system in combination of management and control, highlighting staff, devices, environment and regulations.

The system designs and decomposes the safety management requirements into each production task; it enhances the pre-operation risk evaluation and the measure fulfillment and standardizes the personnel behaviors during the operation.

It provides the intelligent security management at the production site; moreover, it takes the regional safety management for the whole production area, access control + biological characteristic-based access authorization, chain + electronic lock isolation, tracking and monitoring of the staff behaviors etc.

4) It assists the corporate management in analyzing and making decisions.

The system can automatically analyze the statistical production results and summarize various production statements; and it can objectively measure and evaluate the production process and assist the management in pinpointing the improvement chances.

Various knowledge bases preset by the system can help enterprises rapidly promote their production management performances.

The system integrates all production elements such as process, equipment, yield, resources and safety into one platform for overall balance and optimization so as to assist the management in setting up the global perspective; and it online simulates the effects of each cause on production so as to find the optimal solution.

Jiangsu Province Guosen assets Management Group Co., Ltd. established in August 2001 is a large provincial solely state-owned group engaged in state-owned asset operation, management, transfer, investment, corporate trusteeship, asset restructuring and other business approved within the authroized scope of the provincial government, with the registered capital of CNY 20 billion. As of the end of 2015, the group had the total capital of CNY 140.2 billion and the net assets of CNY 65.2 billion; it got the business income of CNY 49.2 billion and the total profit of CNY 6.1 billion in that year; and it owns 218 wholly-owned and holding companies. And the group is the largest subject of local energy investment in the province with the total installed capacity of 10.96 million kW put into operation so that over 50% of the electric power all over Jiangsu Province comes from the electric power plants controlled and equity participated in by Guosen Group.

Guosen Group promoted overall safe production management information construction among its 11 affiliated electric power plants in 2016 to uniformly configure the latest version of the safe production management system researched and developed by Luculent Smart Corporation; and such safe production management system can not only improve the standard management level of safe production and enhance the site safe production control of the electric power plants but also better overall safe production management capabilities of its affiliated electric power plants.