Luculent has always lay great importance on the development of partners, aiming at a better and more professional service to clients. Each step of the cooperation values and Luculent has the responsibility to protect clients’ interests. Good access condition and common ethnic principle is the basic guarantee of a healthy development of partnership. Thus, Luculent has a strictpartnership certification and complete evaluation and follow-up rules, to ensure the professional level and credits of the partnership.
  • Market Resource Input Support
    Market Resource Input Support

    Regular channel material support

    Industry solutions support

    Client marketing activity support
  • Training confirmation
    Training confirmation

    Abundant online and onsite training,Marketing/product/pre-sales training

    Partner competence improvement

    Partner staff help

  • Business operation management guidance
    Business operation management guidance

    On GM: business planning

    On consultants: solutions

    Clients marketing activity support

    On sales: sales guidance

  • Channel rules to guarantee quality
    Channel rules to guarantee quality

    Partner join-in rules

    Project cooperation strategy

    Partner competence improvement

    Value added partnership

  • Project support complex allocation
    Project support complex allocation

    Guidance to cooperative solutions

    Pre-sales help to cooperative projects

    Client marketing activity support

    Macro allocation on cooperative projects